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One day I was using my cell phone to search airfares on Kayak.  Somehow I clicked “use airports near me” assuming Detroit Metro would be the airport used.  I was traveling on a bus and the nearest airport Kayak picked up was the Windsor airport-in Canada.  When the results came back, I was shocked!  I had not seen airfares to Europe that low since pre-911.  I took it a step farther and began to look for fares out of Toronto and compared the cost to fares from Windsor and Detroit.  The difference is amazing.   My best tip for cheap tickets to Europe is check Toronto.

Here are sample fares and how they compare. To make it easy, I am just using the same random dates:  September 12 to 19 for all the flights below.

Detroit to London:  $1313 vs. Toronto to London:  $714

Detroit to Paris:  $1343 vs. Toronto to Paris: $650

Detroit to Frankfurt:  $1410 vs. Toronto to Frankfurt:  $863

Detroit to Rome:   $1430 vs. Toronto to Rome: $798

Detroit to Madrid:  $1253 vs. Toronto to Madrid: $704

Here you can see that fares from Toronto to Europe are 40%-50% less expensive than flights originating in Detroit.  My advice? If Toronto is within a day’s drive for you, the savings may well be worth the extra time getting to the airport.


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