All Roads Lead To Rome

That’s a famous saying, right? As a kid, I just thought it had something to do with how pervasive the Roman Empire was and how much influence my ancestors had over the world during their long reign. I didn’t realize that it meant they left behind tourist attractions all over the world.

For instance, we went to Nîmes, France. Besides the fact it is the home of denim (de Nîmes), there’s a great colosseum:

IMG_0604IMG_3761There is la Maison Carrée, one of the best preserved Roman temples:

IMG_3809In Arles, France, we found another colosseum:

IMG_3952A piece of the temple incorporated into “modern” buildings:


And the ruins of the forum:

IMG_3946Then, in Amman, Jordan, we found an amphitheater:

IMG_1472and other ruins

IMG_1478In Jerash, north of Amman, we found some fantastic ruins:

IMG_9523IMG_1456IMG_1437Along the Syrian border, we visited Umm Qais:

IMG_1395Bella saw very similar sites in Turkey. I’ll talk her into writing about them one day.

Speaking of roads, here is the real Roman road in Narbonne, France:

IMG_4072Anyway, you have to hand it to the Romans. They sure did make the world a better place. Time to go visit some more. How about Ethiopia?



I'm an engineer, a veteran, and an avid traveler. I agree with Robert Louis Stevenson - "I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move."

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