Taking TriRail from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Port of West Palm Beach

I’ve written a post about the $59 cruise to the Bahamas.  One of the problems with that cruise is flying to the PBI airport is a lot more expensive than flying into FLL-Fort Lauderdale.  From Detroit, there are a lot more flight options to FLL and I can often get a one way flight on Spirit for $54.  Flying into PBI is usually about $200 each way.  The least expensive way to get to the port of West Palm Beach is to fly to FLL and take the TriRail train.  Here is how it’s done.

Upon arriving, follow the signs to “Ground Transportation.”  Exit the terminal and turn right.  There is a bus stop to the right of each terminal.  Walk to the TriRail sign.IMG_6816

Wait patiently for the shuttle bus.  Waits can be up to 25 minutes.  There is an app that one can download for free that gives train times if you’re interested.  Once you board the bus, expect a 12 minute ride to the train station.

TriRail Shuttle Bus
TriRail Shuttle Bus

Proceed to the ticket booth.  One can purchase tickets at the kiosks, but I find going to the attendant to be quicker provided there isn’t a long line.  On Saturdays, a ticket costs $5.  Take the north bound train to Mangonia (last stop on the north bound line) DO NOT get off at West Palm Beach.  On Saturdays, the train leaves every hour at 57 minutes past the hour.  The ride to Mangonia will take about an hour and 25 minutes.  Upon arriving to Mangonia, take a taxi to the Port of West Palm Beach.  Cab fare should be around $15.





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