Riga Latvia

Latvia was the last of the three Baltic States (for one of us). We crossed the border from Lithuania with the plan to spend the night in Riga and see the sights. We were very impressed with the city upon arrival.

The real beauty was in the heart of the old area.

Street Cars
Neighborhood Near Hotel

After checking in, we went to the Chinese restaurant attached to the hotel and met a couple¬†Czech construction workers who were intent on drinking the night away. They loved their Budweiser (not the American version) and followed every pint with a shot of vodka. And they kept breaking the pint glasses and annoying the waitress. At the end of the evening we felt obligated to help them back to their apartment because the one wouldn’t have been able to carry the other…

The next day we set out on foot with our cameras. The city is very walkable with some really great things to see.

I love the glass on this place.

Riga Cathedral
House of the Blackheads

Rub their noses for luck near St. Peter’s Church

The cat on the roof is famous

Like most European cities, there is a beautiful cathedral in the heart of the downtown.

Riga Orthodox Cathedral
Riga Orthodox Cathedral

Across from the Orthodox Cathedral is the Freedom Monument.

Freedom Monument
Freedom Monument
And the band played on…

Riga was beautiful. I’d put it in a category of “hidden gems”. We really loved the sights, the people, the beer…



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