Four Day Cruise on the Amazon

Visiting the cities of Brazil is a great way to see the country, but no trip to Brazil would be complete without a visit to the Amazon region. We flew to Manaus from Rio in order to take a four day cruise on the Amazon. We went with Lo Peix. As of this writing prices are $655 a person which includes home cooked meals on the boat. The director/captain of the boat kept in touch with us in the days leading up to our departure. He emailed us the morning of our journey stating that he would be waiting for us at the marina. When we arrived, we boarded a fast boat and set off to board the riverboat that was docked a few miles away.

Lo Peix’s river boat

There are more luxurious cruises on the Amazon than this, but I wanted to go on a classic, old river boat because I felt it would make the journey more authentic.

The guide, Jordi, was wonderful. He has amazing knowledge of the region and the species that dwell there. Below is a description of his background that was taken from his website.

Jordi Miguel Gil Alegre, naturalist specialized in Ichthyology (study of fish and aquatic ecosystems) and a great lover of animals since his childhood.  A lifetime dedicated to nature, he began his expeditions in Amazônia in 2002 and since then he has been traveling and guiding expeditions through this immense river paradise along with biologists, photographers, adventurers, television documentaries, etc.  In 2005 he lauched Lo Peix, and since then, many travels and histories to tell. Recently, in 2017, the new boat named Acqua Amazon has added to the crew. Jordi Miguel is a real proof that doing what you love is really the way to success, growth and evolution.

On the first day of the cruise we were allowed to swim at a beach. From there, the boat docked at a native community where we were witnesses to their ritual dances and customs. We were allowed to walk about the community freely to see their way of life up-close.

Native community members dancing

At the close of the first day of the trip, we boarded a small boat and Jordi took us out to see the sunset. As night fell, the region became a symphony to the sounds of the rainforest’s insects and birds.

Pre-sunset-the white marks show the acid level in the water. During the rainy season, this is the water’s height.

On the second day of the cruise, we visited another local community where we saw a school and people going on about their daily lives.

Small house in the Amazon
Chickens cooking on an open fire.

After a rainforest down pour, the afternoon activity was kayaking.

On the third day of the cruise, Jordi took us on a hike through the rainforest and pointed out interesting things along the way. It was truly an insightful hike.

Jordi demonstrates how rubbing ants in one’s hands makes a natural mosquito repellent.
Rubber dripping from the tree (white in center).

Scratches in the tree show where a jaguar was marking its territory

In the afternoon, we went piranha fishing. The fish that were caught were cooked for dinner that evening. I have to say piranha is not a food I will ever crave again in my life. When we were done fishing we cruised around the area.


Interesting tree
Abandoned hotel was the setting for the movie “Anaconda”

The morning of the last day found us back in Manaus.  We boarded a fast boat to go out to see the meeting of the waters. Along the way, we saw some great views of the city of Manaus.

Bridge in Manaus
The dome of the opera house in Manaus

This was one of the most interesting things I have ever seen in my life.The waters of the Amazon and Negro Rivers do not blend for 3.7 miles:  truly amazing.

Meeting of the waters

The Rainforest cruise definitely was the highlight of my trip to Brazil. If you ever go, I hope you plan time to visit this truly unique part of the world.


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