Freeport Day Excursion-Grand Celebration Cruise

In a past post, I mentioned how I liked to go to the Grand Lucayan Beach Day Excursion when aboard the Bahamas Paradise Grand Celebration cruise.  Sadly, in October a hurricane hit the area and the Grand Lucayan was temporarily closed.  When I last went on the Grand Celebration cruise, I had no plans for my day as a result of the closure.  Luckily, we met Queenie.

For $14 she drove us round trip to a beach club at Taino Beach.  We were charged $3 admission by the manager, Marcel, who proved to be great for conversation.  This turned out to be quite the deal.  The beach club had full bar ($4 for a Heineken), toilets, a shower, and chairs for an extra charge.  In addition, there is a food shack that served amazing chicken, fish, conch salad and ribs.  I paid $10 for an order of ribs.


Queenie’s business card-give her a call!


Views inside the club’s bar area.
Great food is served here adjacent to the bar.


Views of the beach



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