El Rey-Mayan Ruins on the Cancun Strip

Spending a day or even a week at the beach may be fun and relaxing for some people, but I can only take about two to three hours of it.  After that, I am bored and I need to find something to do. Therefore it is my personal quest to continually find things to do in Cancun since I go there so often.   One activity we did to break up a day was take a visit to the El Rey archeological site.  El Rey is a compound of Mayan ruins dating to 250 AD located right on the hotel strip on Boulevard Kulkulcan near the 20 km marker.  The best way to go there is via the blue city bus.  Hop on any south bound bus if you’re staying at a km marker lower than 20.  If you’re staying near a km marker higher than 20, you need to take a north bound bus.  Bus fare is only 10.5 pesos a person–about 50 cents.  The site is located across the street from Playa Delfines.  The price of admission is around 50 pesos- around $2.50 US.  The site is much less popular than the famous Chichen Itza which means no crowds.


There are many iguanas that live in this area.

Don’t be surprised if you see a snake or two.








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