Kentucky Bourbon Trail Part 7: Angel’s Envy

After work one Saturday I figured I’d knock another distillery off my list.  I had started collecting stamps passport when I went to Woodford Reserve.  However, I forgot to bring my passport with me for the second stop so I was forced to grab a new one.  I adopted the new one as the one to fill and I even stopped by Woodford Reserve a second time whilst on my way to Buffalo Trace to get them to stamp the new one to consolidate everything.  Apparently the one Woodford gave me originally was a little outdated.  There was an additional distillery in the front called Angel’s Envy, helpfully located in downtown Louisville.

When I arrived I was a little disappointed to see they were done for the day.

Oh, no!

The reception area was still open so I went in to look around.

Angel’s Envy
Angel’s Envy Lobby
Angel’s Envy
Angel’s Envy
Angel’s Envy

All I can say is the building was beautiful and new…  I’ll have to return later.

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