Free Tickets on Spirit Are Worthless

Anyone who has travelled more than a few times is familiar with the announcement of “Attention in the boarding area–we are in an oversold situation and we are looking for volunteers who have flexible travel plans and are willing to give up their seats.  In exchange we are offering two free roundtrip tickets.  If you’re interested, please see the representative at the podium.”  I usually will make a bee line directly to the counter at the sound of the word “attention,” but recently I learned that when flying Spirit, the vouchers are basically worthless.  I will NEVER again offer up my seat on a Spirit flight.  Let me explain to you why the vouchers are worthless.

First of all, they offer you two tickets that can only be used by you.  That means either you have to take two trips by yourself or buy two additional companion tickets for two trips that in many cases you are forcing yourself to take.

Secondly, the vouchers are only valid for 60 days from the date of issue.  Very accommodating of Spirit by stating that the trip only has to be booked in 60 days.  Nonetheless, this creates even more pressure to take two additional trips immediately.  When I was given my vouchers in November, the flight schedule was only available through June.  I had no time available with work, parenting schedule, and other previously booked trips to fit in two “free” trips in the available flight schedule.

I did try many times to force myself into taking some trips, but when I applied the voucher for a “free ticket,” all it would take off is a fraction of the flight cost.  Look at that.  The flight price was $311. 46 and the voucher only took off $91.18.

That is very misleading since the voucher clearly states it’s good for one future round-trip flight.  In my opinion, $91 off $311 ticket is NOT a future round-trip flight.


Here’s another example. In this case, my free voucher saved me $12 and 70 cents!  I find that beyond insulting.  I gave up my seat and on a total $107.98 ticket, I get $12.70 off.  Hardly a “free ticket.”

On another attempt, I tried to book a ticket in March and of course, the voucher wasn’t “valid on that fare” since it’s Spring Break season.

I went to airport hoping to get assistance in redeeming my “free flight” vouchers and all I got was a $16 parking bill.  What I did learn from the Spirit agent was what the fare really is.  Any “free trip” voucher will only be applied to the flight price and only a fraction of the price will be reduced. So on the ticket mentioned above the “flight” is only “$249.30.  Thus only a fraction of the $249.30 was granted.


Consider yourself warned.  A free ticket on Spirit is worthless.  Keep your seat and let them deal with their problem.






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