A New Way to Do Cancun

We take many trips to Cancun so we like to mix up what we do to keep us from getting bored.  Some time ago, I wrote a post called 8 Ways to Do Cancun. On our last two trips, we tried out a new area:  Puerto Juarez.

Upon exiting customs, go to one of the ATMs located beyond the customs door. Word of caution:  Get your cash at an ATM at the airport.  It’s hard to find a functional ATM in Puerto Juarez and many places only take cash.  The best way to get to Puerto Juarez from the airport is to take the ADO bus for 78 pesos ($4.1) to Downtown Cancun. The ride takes about 40 minutes.  Exit the bus station, and take a taxi to Puerto Juarez cost should be 50 pesos (2.67). The total cost of 6.77 really beats the $35-$50 fare to the Hotel Zone.

A reasonably priced hotel is the Hotel Del Sol.  It runs about $38 a night with taxes included.  If you’re planning to go to Isla Mujeres, this location is perfect.  The port is just a short walk away.

We found ourselves enjoying sitting at “Sol Naciente” but according to the menu below, it’s called “La Palapa del Tikinchi.”  I am sure a taxi driver would know where it is although it is less than a half a mile walk from the Hotel del sol.  The head guy is Alejandro.  He kept us supplied in beer and nothing was impossible for him.  If we wanted something that wasn’t on the menu, he would find a way to get it for us.  Important note–cash only.

We passed the days away drinking Corona and enjoying these views.

Across from the Hotel del Sol is a port for the pirate cruise among other boats. We were fortunate to be able to see the sun rise.

Taxi fare to the airport from Puerto Juarez should run you about 280 pesos ($15).


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