Walking Tour of Vilnius,Lithuania

Vilnius is a great city for walking. ¬†The city’s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here is a link to the official tourist site.

The first site we came upon was the bell tower and basilica.

We took a  quick peek inside the basilica.

I found the bell tower to be imposing and remarkable.

Off in the distance was a view of Gediminas Tower.

Once we reached the end of the plaza, we turned left onto Gediminas Avenue; a beautiful pedestrian walkway.

We turned left at the end and came upon an alley at the end of the street where we saw some interesting artwork.

We entered the “Republic of Uzupio.” No passport required to enter this micro nation.

Crossing the bridge, one will notice many lovers locks and…

the mermaid.

Main square of Uzupio.

View of church on the other side of the bridge.

Upon crossing over a bridge farther down, we were no longer in Uzupio.

A right hand turn led us to the Church of St. Annne.

Beautiful door at the Church of St. Anne.

Interior of St. Anne.

Church Heritage Museum was just around the corner.

On the way to the parking lot, we were treated to this beautiful vista of the city.


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