Chihuly Artwork at Maker’s Mark

My son came to visit me for a weekend while I was in Louisville. We spent two days visiting as many distilleries as possible, of course. One that was unique was what became my second trip to Maker’s Mark. They were showcasing “seven large-scale installations in glass”, works of artist Dale Chihuly.

Maker’s Mark Distillery entrance
Maker’s Mark distillery grounds

The distillery in Loretto KY is the most picturesque of all I’ve visited. The green grass and dark buildings with contrasting red accents really stand out and provide a nice setting for the glass artwork of Chihuly.

There was a chandelier in the visitor’s center when we purchased our tickets but it matched and complimented the copper still that is the centerpiece of the room so well I failed to recognize it’s significance and didn’t get a photo.

My first clue was the reed sculpture we saw whilst waiting for the tour to start.


The center pieces were just as hard to miss.

Inside the aging warehouse for the Maker’s 46 there was a display of five bowls.

Dale Chihuly has been a part of the tour since 2014. He took a tour and was inspired by the process and colors and created a piece that is called “The Spirit of the Maker.”

The Spirit of the Maker
The Spirit of the Maker
The Spirit of the Maker

The piece is considered a “Persian Ceiling” and is intended to capture the distillation process. For instance, there are a number of glass cherubs to depict the angel’s share, the whiskey that evaporates out of the barrels during the aging process.

The pieces were on loan for a limited time and all are sadly gone, leaving only the Spirit of the Maker. It’s a pity because they fit in with the rest of the distillery so well.

~ Freddy


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