Jerash, Jordan

Jerash is a city in northern Jordan, about 30 miles from Amman. Within the city are the ancient Roman city of Gerasa. It’s known for it’s thousands of columns and was considered “the Pompeii of the East.”

Hadrian’s arch
Have you got your ticket?

Admission was 10 Jordanian dinars, which is the equivalent of about $14.

Circus Maximus
Circus Maximus
Oval forum

The city was founded by the Romans around 1000 BC. An earthquake in 749 caused much of the destruction we saw.


The theater was quite intact. The acoustics were still phenomenal.

Roman theater

It didn’t take much to project the spoken word to the far reaches of the auditorium.

Roman theater
Theater detail
Theater detail

The columns are so photogenic. I really loved this place.

It’s nestled in the center of the city.

Seeing it at dusk just made it all the better.

~ Freddy


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