Layover in Fort Lauderdale

By now you know that Spirit is our go to airlines for weekend get-aways.  Since Spirit’s hub is in Fort Lauderdale, that means we spend a lot of time waiting for connecting flights.  Finding a way to fill that layover time can be challenging.  We’ve done it all:  stayed at a cheap hotel where the patrons fought in the parking lot and the hotel clerk worked behind bullet proof glass, rented a car and parked it for the night and slept in it, slept on the benches outside the airport, hung out at the airport restaurants, went to a 24 hour Denny’s and drank coffee all night, and took a hotel shuttle to a hotel and hung out at the hotel. Finally, I think I’ve found the perfect activity for a layover in FLL–head to Holllywood Beach.

For $16 in Uber fare, one can be at a gorgeous beach instead of the airport while waiting for one’s flight.  The travel time to and from the airport should be about 15 minutes each way. This would probably be best for layovers of at least four hours.

I recommend going to Mamacitas Latin Bar and Grill, located at 591 N Broadwalk, Hollywood, FL 33019.  The food isn’t so hot, but it’s a great place to catch a cold one with an awesome view.  In addition, they have live music.  There are also a lot of hotels in this area too in case you find yourself with an overnight layover.

View from inside Mamacitas
View of Hollywood Beach



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