23 Essential Items to Pack for a Safari

There are many essential items one should not forget when packing for a safari.  I hope this list helps.

  1. Binoculars
  2. Good zoom lens and a DSLR—don’t leave a trip like this for a cell phone
  3. Extra charged camera batteries. Depending on where you’re staying electricity may be limited to a few hours a day and you may have only one outlet in your accommodation.
  4. Charged power pack-large capacity (20,000mA)–These usually have a built-in flashlight.
  5. G (British) electrical adapters
  6. Power strip with ground converter so that many items can be charged simultaneously.
  7. Deet (I like the sheets for convenience) or bug spray
  8. Suitcase locks
  9. Bicycle lock— on the tour we took, our bags were stored in tents while we toured during the day.  We obviously were not able to lock the tents so I used the bicycle lock to lock our suitcases together to the bed.
  10. Flip-flops for showering
  11. Mosquito nets for extra protection. I like the personal domes.  In one of the lodges where we stayed, I had a twin net for a double bed. In other places, the netting was ripped.
  12. Malaria pills-you must start these two days before entering a Malaria infested area.  Don’t gamble with your health/life.  These are a must. (Get your yellow fever and typhoid shots too).
  13. Emergency antibiotics
  14. Quick dry micro fiber towel
  15. Emergency food. I like the Mountain House brand meals and ramen noodles.
  16. Thermos with a lid to make above meals.
  17. Disposable forks
  18. Anti itch cream in case you do get bit.
  19. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes
  20. Pack neutral colored clothing-nothing bright that draws attention of wild life and bugs
  21. Long sleeved shirts and long pants to keep your body covered from getting bit and burned
  22. Sunscreen for exposed areas
  23. Spray clothing, mosquito netting, pajamas, etc with Permethrin before packing.

Every night, make sure you inspect for tics.

Apply sunscreen first, allow it to absorb, then apply insect repellent.

Withdraw Kenyan currency upon arrival at the airport. Once on the tour, an ATM machine will be a rare sight.  I withdrew the equivalent of $200 US. It was more than enough for souvenirs and incidentals.


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