Layover in Munich

Sometimes you get a long layover and think “this will be great. We can leave the airport and go to the famous Biergartens. It will be great!” Then reality strikes. We drove to Toronto, boarded an early evening flight to Europe, sat amongst a large contingent of high school aged kids (read that as no sleep) and arrived at 7:30 AM in cold, rainy Munich.

Fatigue won the day. The idea of taking trains and cabs to go downtown pulling our carryons in 45 degree rain was not very appealing. Sleep without somebody shaking the back of the aircraft seat, on the other hand, sounded like heaven.

We found a place within the airport with showers and these lounge chairs.

Those would do in a pinch but for six hours? Neither of us liked that idea. Fortunately the Hilton at the Munich airport has day rates.

For 89€ or $110 we were able to sleep in a private bed with a shower for around five hours. It really did feel like Heaven.

~ Freddy


I'm an engineer, a veteran, and an avid traveler. I agree with Robert Louis Stevenson - "I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move."

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