The Cemetery in Anzio

During our Italy road trip visit to Anzio we determined to find the American cemetery where our fallen World War II soldiers are buried. The first location we found was marked “Beach Head War Cemetery” in Google Maps.

This site is where 2312 of the fallen soldiers of the British Army are interred.

Beach Head War Cemetery
Beach Head War Cemetery
Beach Head War Cemetery
Beach Head War Cemetery

There is a small door in the gate behind which the guest book is kept. I was surprised to see how many of the visitors were local Italians who came to pay their respects.

Beach Head War Cemetery

The next stop was the Allied Military Cemetery in Nettuno, Italy.

Visitor Center

There is an impressive museum in the visitor center.

Americans of Italian descent

There are 7,861 graves in the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial.

Just outside the gates is a taste of America.

We are always moved by the loss of life and the sacrifices of the servicemen and women who paid the price for our freedom. The debt we owe these patriots can never be repaid but we can remember them and support the fitting memorials to the fallen. This cemetery is truly first class and if you’re ever in the area, stop in to pay your respects.

~ Freddy


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