Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

A great way to spend an evening in Manila is aboard the Manila Bay Sunset Dinner Cruise offered by Sun Cruises.

Sun Cruises has a website, but one is not able to book on the site. We tried in vain to reserve via phone on all the numbers they provided; still no luck. I was finally successful in making a reservation via email at The response was very fast. All my questions were answered promptly and all my reservation details were taken care of before I arrived at the port.

Directions to the port

Check-in begins at 5:00 pm and closes at 5:30 pm. The vessel sets sail promptly at 6:00 pm.

Initially we were seated on the lower level which is enclosed. It was stifling hot and speakers were loudly playing BeeGees music. The air conditioning would not be turned on until we left port in half an hour. I was informed that there was room on the upper deck if we wanted to change seats, I debated for a moment about giving up the comfort of the air conditioning that was to come for an outside seat potentially in the heat. This proved to be the right decision. The sun was setting and the heat of the day had dissipated while a cool breeze kept us comfortable the entire time.

The sun was setting in the distance as we were about to set sail.

Sun setting behind the mountains

Dinner was buffet style and included:  white rice, pineapple-stuffed ham, glazed chicken, ribs, two rolls, and one brownie.

While we ate a vocalist, who was accompanied by an acoustic guitarist, performed.

Seeing the skyline transform from daylight to evening provided many photo ops. The views of the skyline as the sun sets are breathtaking.

Skyline in day light
Skyline after sunset

As the cruise came to an end, we stopped near the Mall of Asia and were treated to a fireworks display.

The cost of the excursion was 650 Philippine pesos plus 30 pesos for port charges which converts to just under $16 US.


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