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I had been looking for tickets to Moscow for months. Daily I searched several travel sites numerous times. I knew my travel dates by heart.  Finally, on Saturday, May 20, I decided to purchase the tickets around noon. I used The front page of their site reads, “Extended cancellation policy. Book with confidence.”

I put in the same dates of travel that I had entered hundreds of times leading up to my decision to purchase. A fare came up and in the search results and I read like it did every time on my past searches, “You got the best fare possible. Congratulations!” To the right, it read, “Free Cancellations.”

I booked the flight. When I went to checkout and pay, a screen prompted me to ensure all names were spelled accurately because no name changes would be allowed. There was no itinerary to view, no mention of travel dates; just a list a passenger names for me to verify. I was offered to buy their cancellation insurance-which I thought was intended for if I have to miss my flight-for $19.99. I declined it.

Six hours later, when I opened my confirmation email, I noticed they changed my travel dates. I called immediately and was told that they do this in order to offer the lowest fare and it is the customer’s responsibility to notice it. If I needed to notice something important like a date change perhaps instead of putting,” You got the best fare possible. Congratulations! Free Cancellations” at the top of the itinerary, putting something like, “We found you a lower fare on alternate travel dates” would have been helpful. But I believe that after I cancelled their $19.99 insurance they switched my travel dates. This way they were able to extort money from me by forcing me to pay a cancellation fee that is slightly more than their insurance. Initially, I was told that I had to pay $75 a ticket to cancel, but they immediately lowered it to $25 per ticket ($100 since I had four tickets).  

I believe that JustFly runs a scam. After one declines the travel insurance at checkout, one’s travel dates are switched, the final detail one is asked to focus on at checkout is the name spelling and the changed dates go unnoticed. When one cancels, they end up coercing one to pay more than the $19.99 insurance they were selling by telling the customer the initial money spent on the tickets (in my case over $4,000) cannot be refunded until one agrees to the fee. I told them that they gave me no choice, they were stealing from me and that I would dispute the charge. Yet, they would not exempt me from the fee.

I always believed that any airline ticket sold in the USA came with a 24 hour no questions free cancellation policy. is violating federal passenger rights. They told me that I had four hours to cancel free of charge. Well, I found their error in six hours and yet they were intent on charging me a cancellation fee for THEIR ADMITTED UNILATERAL CHANGE OF MY TRAVEL DATES. As a matter of fact, any contract can be voided within 24 hours. So I was still within my legal rights to cancel the contract for no fee.

I feel the $100 charge was extorted from me and JustFly knowingly conducts these practices to take advantage of its customers. Further, they are violating two of my rights:  24 hours to get out of any contract, and 24 hours to cancel any flight purchased in the USA. 

Further, when I went back to test their site and tried to book the tickets on the dates I wanted again, the same price was offered on my travel dates.  I am convinced beyond a doubt that they changed my dates after I declined the $19.99 insurance.

A search on the forums at TripAdvisor confirmed this company has ripped off many people.

Consider yourself warned.


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  • December 22, 2017 at 4:36 AM

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