The Magic of Hollywood

Spend enough time in Toronto and you begin to complain about the traffic like a local. It’s usually difficult to figure out the cause, but every once in a while it’s pretty obvious. I went out for a walk today and came across a traffic jam, largely because part of University was shut down. Upon closer look things looked a little odd.

IMG_5025That Mustang beyond the barricades had New York plates and the badge was covered. In fact, all the cars in the street had NY plates.

The taxis were odd, too.  IMG_5027And the police cars didn’t say “Toronto” on the sides.

IMG_5030IMG_5028I didn’t think anybody would believe me, so I took a screen shot of my location.

IMG_5029And that building across the street? Here it is from a distance. Notice the CN Tower?

IMG_5034So Toronto had been transformed into NYC for some reason. Since nobody was chasing me away I figured I could take some videos. I admit, they’re a little dry, but it’s kind of interesting. Here’s the first one.

Once the Mustang went by, they backed up to do it all over again.

And they did it all over again.

I asked a police officer what they were filming. He said it was a TV show called “Beauty and the Beast”.

Now I want to see that scene as the director intended.



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