Freedom Center

On our latest trip through Detroit Metro Airport we discovered the Freedom Center for service members and veterans.  Both of us are proud US Army veterans so we thought we would check it out.

We asked the volunteer what proof he would need to gain entry since neither of us carry extra ID on Spirit flights.  He could tell by our discussion that we were legitimate veterans but a photo of one of our DD214s would have been sufficient.

There was a waiting area, a couple refrigerators full of bottled drinks, and the freezer had Hot Pockets, chimichangas, and hamburgers.

There was a handy departure screen, too.

There is no charge for anything.  All funding is provided by corporate donors.

This was a great little haven for service members and it saved us from paying the exorbitant prices for airport food for a change. We will be sure to stop in next time.

If you’re eligible, thanks for your service.

Click here to learn how vets can get a free stay at Soaring Eagle.



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