Dracula’s Castle

Bram Stoker brought us the fictional character of Count Dracula, but Dracula was actually based on Vlad the Impaler/Vlad Dracula. Vlad really did live in Transylvania in a castle. No visit to Romania wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Vlad’s castle.  Bran Castle is located about half an hour southwest from the beautiful town of Brasov. Upon arrival, there will be many places to park for a fee.  Walk up toward the castle, and queue up to the left for your ticket.  Visits can be self-guided or with a guide.  The inside is very disappointing.  Many of the walls are bare stone, much of the furnishings are from the twentieth century, and many of the rooms are used for museum type displays. Nonetheless, my visit would not have been complete had I not satisfied my curiosity.


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