Where’s My VAT Refund?

When I was in Iceland, I bought my son a soccer jersey at an awfully inflated price. The clerk convinced me to buy it by showing me how much I would get back from my VAT refund.  She provided me with the proper receipt and official flyer. Before departing for my flight, I was given three choices of what to do with my refund.

  1. Take it on the spot in Icelandic currency.
  2. Donate it to charity.
  3. Get a credit on my credit card in “up to two to three weeks.”

Of course, I opted for the third option.  I waited patiently for nearly a month. No VAT refund. One day I went on TripAdvisor and learned that many people never saw their refunds.

Luckily, I took pictures of my receipt and the flyer the merchant gave me. I referred to the flyer to see if there was an email address I could write to and I was in luck.

Luckily I took a picture of my VAT receipt before surrendering it at the airport
VAT flyer
There at the bottom to the right—the very last detail was an email address

With access to an email address and a copy of my receipt, I was able to contact the VAT refund officials


The email I sent


Response email

I was so glad I took a picture of that receipt because having a copy of it got me my refund.  My advice—always keep proof by taking a picture of anything you may need later.




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